A day off with daddy!

My sweet baby girl's hair is turning RED! I hadn't really noticed the red tint, just that it has been getting lighter. But out in the sun, yup, she's looking more like a ginger these days. My guess is that eventually she'll turn into a blond babe like her brother.

Daddy's day off well spent.


Another bath...

So, mom here is how long Gabe's hair is these days. Ignore the color. His hair really isn't this red.


A day at the pool...

All glossy, covered in sunscreen, and ready to play.

Playing with Katelyn in the fountains.

A lonely float with no child to play with floated ashore. Gabe decided to investigate. He had no idea what it was and went up to it and hit to see if it would respond, I guess. It was funny how this lonely float attracted little children. Another boy Gabe's age noticed the float and looked it in the eye and started talking to it. He had a more diplomatic way of seeing if the float would respond.

This is what Hannah did the whole time in her UV ray blocking baby cage. The blue part seen in the background of the picture is like a little pop tent, and I just put her in her car seat inside. It was bright and sunny, but in the shade especially when the wind would blow, it was nice and cool. She was happy the whole time and slept like a baby.

After a few hours Gabe was tired and very ready to go home and nap. Play hard, nap hard.