Summer fun

Fresh summer hair cut...

Playing outside...

Grilling out hotdogs and hamburgers at least once a week...

Blowing kisses...


Aly did it...

A big scratch mysteriously appeared on Gabe's arm and when I asked him what happened, without pause, he answered "Aly did it." Hmmmm. It seems suspicious as Jasen's sister is currently in Arizona. I still haven't figured out what exactly happened. I tried asking him more about it, but he wouldn't tell me anything else.



We have a backyard now! Thanks to all the help from Jasen's parents, Douglas and Maren, his brother Ryan and wife Betsy, his other brother Kip, and our friend Tony we will be able to enjoy playing in the backyard on a daily basis. Everybody worked so hard yesterday in the hot sun laying down and rolling out strips of sod. The hard work really paid off for us. We are thrilled!



Talking with Gabe...

These videos are from Sunday evening. They aren't the most riveting video clips ever, but I thought maybe someone would enjoy them.


New Jammies!

To Infinity and Beyond!

Reaching for Gabe's other pair of new jammies...


Running away with her prize...

I love babies in jammies!


Silly girl...

I kept taking her out of the boat, but she would just climb right back in. So I gave up and just took a picture.


For Granddaddy Joe and Grandma Kathy

The first part of the video is pretty boring. Sorry about that. Gabe and Hannah were laughing so hard, but of course, as soon as I try to capture it on video they stopped. They seem to love sharing a room together. Every morning when they wake up, Gabe turns the light on and they giggle and play. I hear them laughing on the baby monitor and I know it's time to get them. Since Hannah is stuck in her bed, Gabe will put stuff in there for her like books and his buzzwoody.

The Living Planet Aquarium

Here I told Gabe that the fish that were as big as him were gonna eat him, so he put his face up to the glass and started going "Chomp chomp." I guess he thought I said he was supposed to eat them.

Hannah had a good time looking at everything too.

Gabe had fun touching the animals he was allowed to touch and looking at everything. And almost as much he enjoyed just playing with this magnifying glass...

and spinning this sign around and around. He finds joy in the little things. Oh to be 2 again.

I spy Nemo.

He wasn't sure what to think about this.

They had a local Utah aquatic life section. I thought this boat they had set up was a cool way to make it fun. You could use the steering wheel to select different destinations and then a video would play from the boat driver's perspective as if the kid was really driving. Gabe couldn't reach the steering wheel from the seat, but he really liked talking and pushing the button on the radio.