Hannah Riley is 5!

This little girl decided to go against the trend of Frozen birthday parties, and opted for a theme of a long time favorite, Sonic the Hedgehog.  She's a unique little girl for sure.  We love our Hannah Riley, Hannah Banana, Nana, Nana Wally, Nan, Nanny, Hannah pants, Pants, Goose Moose, Bug, Bug Wally, Hannah Paul, Paul, and lately and inexplicably Waffle. 

To celebrate she had a two part party.  Friday night pizza, cake, and some presents...

 Then on Saturday we had part two at the Springville Art City Days, lunch at Magleby's, and then home to open a few more gifts.

Face Painting!

My boys.

 All my kiddos.


This kid doesn't need face paint; he decorates his face with chocolate cake.

A few more presents.

Awesome birthday number 5 for this lucky girl.