Payson City Easter Egg Hunt

A little tired...

quite cold...

...but so very excited.  Here she's saying, "Eggs!"
But pitifully, she only got two eggs before all the eggs were gone.  Her age group was for 0-2, but really, that's pretty ridiculous.  People have no business bringing their infants who can't even eat jelly beans and taking eggs from little kids who just think it's fun to put them in their basket.  Hannah carried her own basket, would walk over to an egg and carefully put it in.  I got seriously perturbed when a lady snatched up an egg that Hannah was bending over and an inch from touching.  Come on!  A grown woman stole an egg from a baby.  She even recognized what she just did, looked at Hannah and I, said sorry and put the egg in her kid's basket.  With all the "helping" parents and adults it was over in less than two minutes.

Jasen went with Gabe over to the 3-4 age ball field.  Gabe refused any help, of course, and gathered 11 eggs all by himself.  He happily shared his candy with Hannah.

After it was over they opened all the eggs and turned them in.  Here Gabe is showing me his candy (you can't really see it; it was mainly jelly beans-woo hoo!).

It was the first time I had ever participated in a city Easter egg hunt, so I was a little underwhelmed.  I suppose I thought it would be a little more elaborate, that there would be better prizes or at least more of them.  I was also surprised that there were so many people.  Each ball field/age group had a huge turn out.  I told Jasen that maybe there would be better prizes and candy at the Smith's or Wal-Mart egg hunt.  I didn't even know stores did Easter egg hunts.  The Wal-Mart one took place in their Garden Center.  Jasen feels that it's not the prizes that count but that the kids have fun running on the grass to grab their eggs.  Agree to disagree I guess.  Well, the good news is that the kids have the Easter Bunny's visit to look forward to tomorrow; that I'm sure won't disappoint.


Gabe is 3!

My little baby boy is a big boy now.  He turned 3 on Friday and celebrated with a great birthday party.  It's so wonderful to have a fun family who loves him so much.  He was absolutely spoiled by all of the great toys he received.    

We enjoyed some yummy food- Gabe's favorites: hot dogs, chips, and jello!

Hannah helped him open every present.  What a nice sister!

Yay! Play dough from Aly, Kip and Nicole!

Sweet! A big box of candy from Grandpa Doug and Grandma Maren!

What's this? A hand-wrapped piece of special candy?

Hmm, he's never seen candy like this.  He puts it in his mouth to taste it and everyone shouts- no!

It's not candy- just a nice bit of money which can be sweeter than candy!

Another Dragon to go with Nacho.

A way cool snake from Katelyn and Jordan!

He's waiting for his last present  from Granddaddy and Grandma Kathy- it's a surprise!

My sweet boy.

Uncle Randy sends the kids National Geographic for Kids and they absolutely love it.


Hannah Riley

This is how Hannah looks most of the time these days.  She puts on her pink plastic heels and matching sunglasses, picks out one of her princess purses and carries her phone around pretending to talk to different people.  She puts everything on all by herself and even has figured out that she can wear her sunglasses on her forehead instead of the usual way just for a little variety.