Hannah fell asleep as we drove up Payson Canyon. Then Gabe woke her up because he's a loud little man. So we went to the park to play and Hannah wasn't a big fan of the grass, but Gabe definitely was and is these days.

Oh well, failed family photo attempt. We'll try harder some time when the kids aren't as tired.



Gabe wouldn't eat his chicken nuggets until I placed "dip" in the cup holder area of his tray, which I've never done , but he kept pointing to the cup holder and saying dip. So I gave him some ketchup and he was a happy boy. Hannah was ready to help him eat his dinner, but instead she ate her very own helping of chicken nuggets and veggies. At only 9 months and with only two little bottom teeth she eats everything Gabe eats.

I don't remember what he was saying in this picture, but I just wanted to capture his cute little ketchup goatee.



Just because...

I took some pictures today because...

she has big pretty eyes,

and two cute little teeth,

and she makes me laugh when she concentrates,

and even though she's tired, she still let's me take a million and one pictures of her

because pictures like these capture this sweet age.

I took some pictures today because of this most handsome little man,

because I want to prove to him some day that he was once completely obsessed with writing letters (as I'm sure he'll one day outgrow),

and because right now he stands at less than 3 feet, but one day he will most likely tower over his mommy.

I took some pictures today because one day these two will wonder if they always butted heads, and I will say, yes, at times even over things like who gets to eat the last Apple Jack off the floor.


Gabe yells,"Ow, stuck!" as I'm in the kitchen doing dishes this morning. This is what I find.


Waking up with Gabe

Usually I'm already up with Hannah when Gabe wakes up in the morning. I know he's up because I start hearing him say "Where are you?" over and over, sometimes just saying it and sometimes kind of singing it, that and of course I hear the boards supporting his mattress about to give out. He's a funny lad.


My Girl