Katelyn and Jordan sitting in a tree...

First comes love, then comes marriage...

Katelyn and Jordan were married in the Draper temple this past weekend on Saturday, June 26th. She was an absolutely beautiful bride. She's beautiful all the time, so that would make sense. Jordan is a really good guy and we're happy to have him as a member of our family.They're an adorable couple, and I'm sure they will make adorable babies.

I loved her dress! You can see all the pretty detail in this indoor shot. Everything about her theme was so wonderfully vintage and cute and so very pretty. The flowers, the cake, and the gorgeous reception venue all came together beautifully.

Nieces and nephew...

Here is my mom's dad and only a portion of his granddaughters. If my calculations are correct, there are 12 missing. Avery and Hannah Riley are representing the great granddaughters, but I think there are 3 missing from this picture. However, there are currently more grand and great grands on the way.

Some of my in-laws...

the Turner girls...



Happy Birthday Hannah Riley!

One thing I can say for sure is that Miss Hannah Riley is most certainly loved. I feel so blessed as her mother knowing how privileged she is to have so many wonderful people around her who love her and who will always serve as worthy examples for her to look up to as she grows. That's the thought that has been going through my mind as I've looked forward to her 1st birthday celebration. She's such a sweet, good natured, loving little angel baby, and I'm so grateful to be her mom.

We were joined by both sets of grandparents for Hannah's b-day, as well as several aunts and uncles and even one special aunt's attendance via skype. Again, I'm grateful that Hannah and Gabe are surrounded by family of such high caliber. They all mean so much to me. And, of course, the icing on the cake was that my parents were able to attend their first birthday party for one of their three total grand kids.


Sprinkler fun

Today Gabe played in the sprinklers as I desperately tried to salvage all the hard work and money that went into planting the front flower bed yesterday. We tried to soak the plants after we planted yesterday, but apparently we didn't do a good enough job to keep some of the flowers from starting to droop and wilt in today's scorching hot sun. Hopefully I can revive them or at least keep the others fresh and alive.

Unfortunately, I think my camera is broken after spending too much time in the hands of little Gabe. Jasen said, "I told you that letting him play with your camera was a bad idea, but no...." So, oh well. I got out Jasen's old camera and it turns out it works just fine. I liked mine better, but his will do until I get a new one (probably not until Christmas). And so, when I took these pictures tonight I found a couple of pictures from our vacation to San Diego back in July of 2008.

I wonder if one of these guys is that killer killer whale (the one that killed its trainer).