Workin' hard in the yard

Doug, Maren, Kip and Nicole all worked hard to help us with some yard work.  Now we'll just keep the weeds from growing back while we decide what exactly we want to do with the cleared away areas.  Gabe picked up some sticks and rocks  but quickly became bored and went inside to play video games.  But here are some pictures of the two youngest helpers and all the other helpers too.


Baby faces

It's so fun watching Aiden grow and change.  As he's getting older I still see similarities between he and Gabe, but also some big differences.

 It's funny to me that until recently I didn't think my nefew, Cameron, looked like Gabe.  I was going through some pictures of baby Gabe to see if he looked like Aiden, and I discovered that in some ways he looks more like Cam than his own brother.

And here's just a little video of Aiden.


The Cylde Eugene and Ella Hafen Perkins Family Reunion

From left to right: My dear Grandpa Perkins, his sister Merial, and his brother Waldo