What a great day!

We started off the day by swimming at Payson pool for the last time this summer. It's a great pool and a great way to spend a summer afternoon. Then we headed off to Provo to savor some delicious J dawgs. I'd never had one before, and I have to admit it was the best hot dog I've ever had. Jasen said he didn't get what all the fuss was about, but he never likes to join the crowd and give into hype. If everyone and their mom likes something, he has to be a nay sayer. After dawgs we went home for a short nap, and then spent the rest of our day and evening at Onion Days here in Payson. I don't really know why it's called Onion Days. I didn't see any onions. It was just a little fair. We had a great time. I love a fair!

On our way to the fair. Gabe can taste the excitement!

Our first ride of the night -the Ferris wheel- or as Gabe called it the big wheel. Gabe was so nervous he was shaking as we began getting higher and higher our first time around and as we felt that slight feeling of falling, but by the end he was use to the new feeling and was saying, "Woo hoo!"

Here's Gabe ready to ride a very jerky(crappy) dragon ride that I rode with him. He was excited before the ride started but even more excited to get off this one. Even though he didn't like being tossed around so violently, he didn't cry or whine, but just nervously asked me, "Get out now?" a couple of times. The next time I see a sign that says "You have to be this high" I'll think twice. Gabe barely reached it, but I figured he'd be fine. As we'd swing around sharp turns, his little face would just about smash into the bar he's holding onto in the picture. I held his head steady to protect him, and he made it out just fine. What a tough little 2 year old!

This one was his favorite. He loved driving his blue car.

Gabe saw another boy with one of these and was instantly incredibly envious. He kept saying, "Gabe have it. Mommy Gabe have it?!" Jasen couldn't deny the boy his sword. It has sound effects of sword fighting and best of all a little button to turn the light on and off.

After all the rides, the hot dog for Gabe and corn dog for Hannah (Hot dogs for lunch and dinner, yup, we're great parents), funnel cake, and cotton candy, I'd have to say it was a terrific first time ever at a fair for Gabe and Hannah Riley.

Stromberg Family Pictures

While we were at Bear Lake we had some pictures taken. These are my favorites. Hannah Riley didn't smile for even one group shot, but as soon as I put her down and let her be free to roam, she was nothing but smiles from ear to ear.


Bear Lake

About a week ago we were in lovely Garden City Utah. It was very relaxing. I love being on vacation, getting out of the everyday routine, and having Jasen around all the time. It was so nice. Here are just a few pictures. I didn't bring my camera, so these are from Betsy and Aly's cameras.

This is one of the small ponds near Bloomington lake where we went to check out the scenery and jump off the rope swing and some nearby cliffs.

Here's Kip about to take the first leap. Apparently it's the Stromberg tradition to make Kip be the first to do anything risky. Ryan and Jasen always tested out scary situations that way. Eventually they all jumped (and Betsy and Aly too). Gabe sat near the shore and threw
pebbles into the lake the entire time.

After fun at the lake we hiked a small ways back to where the cars were parked and had tin foil dinners around a campfire. While the food cooked Gabe played with rocks and Hannah Riley strolled around the camping area.

Here's Gabe putting rocks in a hopefully abandoned small animal home/hole.

Hannah showing us a rock. She likes to copy Gabe, but what she enjoyed the most on vacation was just getting to roam around free in whatever direction she wanted to go without anyone leading her. It was easy to keep her happy wherever we went; it would be someones job to follow her around and she'd just walk around and explore, occasionally stopping to pick up something off the ground and sometimes if it looked interesting she'd taste it.

Boating day / playing on the beach:

We brought pretzels to snack on. Hannah liked to dip hers in the dirt/sand and then eat them. Yum yum!

Pickleville Playhouse was way fun. The show "Juanito Bandito Rides Again" was actually really cute and funny. Bear Lake is pretty close to Logan, and therefore also close to Utah State. So, about half the cast happened to be members of Doug's ward. They called their beloved bishop up on stage before the show for the sing-a-long/ audience warm-up.

Jasen and I were both really surprised by how much the kids like the show. They sat still and just watched for over half of it without getting restless, which of course is saying a lot for a one and two year old who normally only watch cartoons. After intermission they snacked on popcorn, skittles, and root beer, and that held them over without too much fussing until the end. Considering that it lasted close to three hours with only a small amount of whining and playing musical laps, it was a successful event.

This bunny had a small role in the play, but a big part in Gabe's eyes.