Halloween 2012

Halloween was celebrated to the max this year thanks to Grandma Kathy and Aunt Katelyn.  Mom was here to make special treats with the kids like spider cookies, witch's hat cookies, and Halloween cupcakes.  She helped us carve our pumpkins.  She made us our traditional Halloween dinner of delicious chili.  She went trick-or-treating with us. And she even brought the kids special Halloween p.j.'s that glow in the dark- boy those were a big hit!  Aunt Katelyn threw the kids an awesome Halloween party where they had so much fun and were so worn out after their night of partying.  They painted pumpkins, played a Halloween matching game for treats, played pop the balloon, they ate doughnuts on a string, watched Casper, and ate severed finger hot dogs.  It was a ton of fun.  I didn't get a lot of pictures from the evening, but good thing Katelyn did.

The kids had a blast trick-or-treating. Hannah went from house to house with such enthusiasm asking which house is next each time, we'd point and tell her, and she'd say, "Ok let's go!"  Hannah was all about the candy, Gabe was too, but he was also in it for the social interaction.  He made crazy comments all night, but my favorite was when a man came to the door with his shirt off, Gabe said, "Why are you naked?  Were you in the bathroom?"  And then something to the effect of, "You can finish going to the bathroom and we can wait for the candy."  I think he thought that when he knocked on the door he had interrupted the man while he was in the bathroom.   I couldn't tell what the man said as we were standing pretty far away at the end of the driveway, so I just yelled out,"Gabe, tell him thank you.  Let's go to the next house." Also, as the kids were walking away from a different house Gabe said, "That was a nice lady."  And Hannah said loudly, "No, that was a boy."  And Gabe said, "No it was a girl but she was really really old."  And Hannah said, "Yeah, she was just really old."  We're really hoping the old boyish looking lady was hard of hearing.


Here are a few fun pictures from the past month.  First, we start with a few photos taken the day of BYU's homecoming game.  Jasen took Gabe to the game and I had a girl's day with Hannah (and of course Aiden tagged along).  We did all the things she wanted to do.  First, I painted her nails pink with little flowers on them and then I straightened her hair and put a little make-up on her. Then we had a photo shoot so she could pose to her heart's content.  Then we went to a toy store where she got to spend an unlimited amount of time playing with all the toys and trying to decide what she is going to put on her Christmas wish list.  And later we met up with the rest of the family for dinner and she told everyone about her day.

 I also took some pictures of Aiden.

These are just some other pics taken at different times throughout the month.  Aiden eats pretty much anything and everything these days.  He also pulls a funny face the first time he tries things.  It's fun to feed him new things and watch.

 One night we busted out the old original Nintendo and the kids had a blast.  Aiden had a blast watching them.


Workin' hard in the yard

Doug, Maren, Kip and Nicole all worked hard to help us with some yard work.  Now we'll just keep the weeds from growing back while we decide what exactly we want to do with the cleared away areas.  Gabe picked up some sticks and rocks  but quickly became bored and went inside to play video games.  But here are some pictures of the two youngest helpers and all the other helpers too.


Baby faces

It's so fun watching Aiden grow and change.  As he's getting older I still see similarities between he and Gabe, but also some big differences.

 It's funny to me that until recently I didn't think my nefew, Cameron, looked like Gabe.  I was going through some pictures of baby Gabe to see if he looked like Aiden, and I discovered that in some ways he looks more like Cam than his own brother.

And here's just a little video of Aiden.


The Cylde Eugene and Ella Hafen Perkins Family Reunion

From left to right: My dear Grandpa Perkins, his sister Merial, and his brother Waldo


Hannah Riley is 3!  She's smart and beautiful, sweet and spunky.  She makes me laugh on a regular basis.  She is such a good helper, and she loves her brothers.  I love my little girl so much and feel blessed to be her mom.