It's true, we are expecting baby number three to join our family some time around April 18th.  I don't rely on due dates too much, so that's why I say some time around then.  When we told the kids that mommy has a baby in her belly they were both excited about the idea.  Hannah demands a baby sister, and Gabe is convinced that not only is the baby in my belly a boy, but that his name is Nicholas.  I believe the first time he told us this was when we were shopping at the outlets in Park City and he was telling his Grandma M that we needed to buy various items in the store for his baby brother Nicholas.  Until about two minutes ago I couldn't for the life of me figure out where he'd ever even heard the name.  Just now I remembered that when we first told the kids about the baby, we asked Gabe what a good name would be if the baby is a boy.  After thinking for a moment he said, "How about Harry Potter?"   I told him that although that is a boy's name it's not a great one for our baby.  Then he said, "How about Voldemort?"  After laughing a bit, we told him to think of a boy's name that's not from any Harry Potter movie.  He thought about it again and said, "Um, Santa Clause?"  At which point Jasen and I laughed quite a bit, and then I said something to the effect that we could call him Nicholas instead.  Until now, I had completely forgotten about that suggestion, but apparently Gabe did not forget...not surprising, that kid remembers everything.  My kids provide me with a lot of entertainment.  Today Gabe and I had a conversation that went something like this:

Me: Gabe, do you want a peanut butter and honey sandwich 
Gabe: Uh, sort of. 
Me: Who taught you to say sort of?
Gabe: Daddy Jasen did. 
Me:  oh ok. 
Gabe: Did he died? 
Me: no. 
Gabe: oh, I thought he did. 
Me: Where do you think he is right now? 
Gabe: At the graves I guess.
Me: He didn't die, he's just at work.
Gabe: oh, I wanted him to be died so I can have all his cards.
I relayed this conversation to Jasen, and he had a pretty good laugh at work today.  Apparently a few nights ago Jasen was going through his basketball cards to sell a bunch on Ebay and he told Gabe that when he dies he's going to give his whole card collection to Gabe.