It's been a while...

I decided to try out my new camera, so last night I took a bunch of pictures of the kids.  After I took all the pictures I realized my new camera has all sorts of settings that I should probably try out.  Auto mode does a decent job, but I think I can take better pictures if I learn more about the camera.  Also, I got a couple of videos of them but some are blurrier than others so I'm going to have to figure out how to capture better videos.  The good thing is that because of the quality of the video settings as opposed to my last camera, you should be able to watch these videos on full screen without losing too much clarity.  Of course, it's still not like watching normal camcorder quality, but anyway, here you go...

This is a "Show me your muscles" picture.
I included this picture so you can see the back of Hannah's most recent haircut.  I love it- if I do say so myself!
Here's a side view of her too cute hair.
Hannah is such a girlie girl.   She makes me laugh.  She loves to kiss and hug her babies and stuffed animals and she likes to pretend they're kissing each other too.  She'll hold their faces together and make kissing sounds- so funny!
I said, "Ok, I'm going to take your picture now.  Do something."  And this series of pictures is what I got.   He's a funny boy.