Christmas Eve Eve with Katelyn and Jordan

Katelyn and Jordan came over for some Christmas fun.  We ate yummy treats, exchanged gifts, and played GREED and Wii.  It twas quite an enjoyable evening.

Katelyn and Jordan enlisted the help of the two young professional present openers.  We got them what they asked for, a couple of movies, The Pursuit of Happyness and Inception.


Another Sunday


 These last two pictures were taken almost exactly a month ago of Hannah in the same outfit.  If you ask me, I'd say there's been huge difference between 17 months and 18 months for this little girl.  The good news is that I think it's the growth of her legs that's straightened out her pigeon toe walk.  She doesn't trip over her own feet anymore- yay!


Right after church today...

One smiling.

The other one smiling.

Both smiling- yay!

Hannah thinking she's so funny to pull her headband off.

A ghost hovering in front of Hannah.

My favorite.

For some reason I find it so funny that Hannah's pronunciation of Gabe sounds a lot like Bob.


Say Cheese!

Hannah's turn, Say cheese!

And then a more natural smile...

Gabe's natural smile (inspired here by tickling) is also his cheesy smile.

Here Gabe was saying, "I make Nana laugh," over and over very pleased with himself. He's at an age that everything he says he has to say five times or more in a row. The other day he was asking me the same question over and over and each time I answered it, sometimes even expounding on my answer in hopes that I could answer it so well that he wouldn't ask it again. He does this often. Sometimes I lose patience. This time I said, "You've asked that question five times. I'm done answering it. Can you just be quiet for a little while?" And his response was, "I don't want to be quiet. I want to talk." Awesome.

In this picture Gabe is caught red handed not just trying to touch the ornament with one finger but two! And he thought I was distracted. He's always trying something. (They're not allowed to touch the tree, and of course they can't resist.)