Let the summer fun begin...

Today the kids went over to Heidi's house to swim. Heidi is only a couple of months younger than Gabe. They have a lot of fun playing together, so it has been and continues to be really great having Heidi as our neighbor. Of course the kids had a blast and didn't want to get out. They were having too much fun to even look at the camera, so these are the best pictures I got. No worries though; there will be plenty opportunities for baby pool pictures as the summer has only just begun. Also, you'll notice that the kids are wearing last year's super tight swimsuits. I haven't bought their suits yet for this year because it hasn't been warm enough yet to need them. Actually it still isn't really that warm outside, but Tony is cool enough to hook up a warm hose line from his house making a super fun baby hot tub, well just warm tub I guess.

Here Gabe is starting to get cold. We would add more hot water as the pool water started to cool off.

In other news, Gabe finally figured out how to open our doors. The same day we headed on over to Wal-mart to purchase door knob protectors. We put them on all the doors except his on the outside so he can get in his room, but we put one on the inside so he can't get out for not only his safety but also my sanity. He wouldn't go down for naps or go to bed as easily if he knew all he had to do was open his door to freedom. I find it funny though that almost everyday at some point I find some sort of lego piece on his handle. I guess he figures his door knob shouldn't be left out. The yellow piece in the picture is part of a curved slide for his lego fire station.



A beautiful day with beautiful babies...

This picture is my favorite. I'm not sure why; it just is.

This one is for Jorgin...

And a blooper shot:
I was telling Hannah to smile, but she had enough. And I have no clue what Gabe was doing.



Hannah cruisin'

Dad requested a video of Hannah cruising quite a long time ago when she first started. I'm just now getting around to it- sorry Dad. Hannah actually took about one and a half steps for the first time today. I'm sure it won't be long before she's walking.

3 points to anyone who can describe and translate what Gabe is saying...