This is Halloween, This is Halloween!

We started the festivities off with donut making with the Strombergs...

Then we had a small party with the Chavez family.

We went trick-or-treating around our neighborhood and a little in Provo. The kid's costumes were provided by Grandma and Grandpa Stromberg this year - Go Cougars!

We stopped by Aly's place.  She's a minion from Despicable Me.

It was great to stop by and see Grandpa Perkins.  He had just arrived home from his shift at the temple.

It was another great Halloween this year.


Summertime Fun!

We have had so much fun this summer and it's not even over yet!  I've been really inconsistent in taking pictures, in fact, I completely failed during our Park City vacation with Jasen's side of the family and also for the reunion for my side of the family.  Sometimes I guess I'm having too much fun to stop and take pictures.  But here are the ones I have taken:

We've done a lot of backyard swimming so far this summer.

As he's been cutting teeth all summer he's been extra tired.  He fell asleep playing with the door stop of all things.

Art City Days in Springville:

Grandpa Perkins's roses:

4th of July hair:

SOS's Employee party at Hogle Zoo:

Grandpa Doug and Grandma M have this rocking chair at their house. Gabe never liked it at this age even if you helped him into it.  Hannah would sit in it and let you rock her, but she didn't want to do it by herself.  Aiden on the other hand climbed right in it by himself and just started rocking away.  He loves it.

Jasen and I took an anniversary trip to celebrate six years of our happily ever after.  We drove to Las Vegas on Wednesday of last week and stayed at the Monte Carlo.  Our first stop in Vegas was at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop featured on the tv show Pawn Stars.  Sadly, it was a bit disappointing.  It was smaller than we anticipated and really it didn't seem like they had a lot of inventory to look through.  Really it was just like any other pawn shop.  We knew we wouldn't see any of the guys from the show as they're generally only there when they're filming.

We walked up and down the strip and in and out of buildings.  This was a cool shopping center.  Jasen wanted to come to this one because if had a Field of Dreams store.  It was overpriced as we figured it would be, but he enjoyed looking around.

We went here Thursday morning and went to the better than expected aquarium.  We enjoyed it a lot.

Thursday we went to a basketball game at the arena at UNLV where Olympic hopefuls for the 2016 USA team scrimmaged.  Although Jasen says all the players are well known and very good, I only recognized the kid that looks to be around 16 that plays for the Jazz and this guy below, Anthony Davis because he has a uni-brow and that alone makes him unique.


We showed up early and Jasen bought a ball before coming, and luckily he was able to get John Wall to sign it.

Late, late Thursday night we drove to California.  Friday night we went to a Kid Rock concert.  It was pretty awesome.  It was funny to us that the average age at the concert was somewhere in the 50's.  We figured it was because Kool and the Gang opened for Kid Rock. 


I got my first set of gel nails.  I don't think I'll ever get a regular manicure again. 
 We ate lots of delicious sea food while in California.  In the picture below we were at the Sand Crab.  If you're ever in the San Diego area it's definitely worth a trip.

 The beach!

We did a lot of shopping as that's something I really enjoy.  For Gabe:

We got this mask at a swap meet.  I like how it ties in back like a Mexican wrestling mask.
For Hannah:
From the swap meet: A shirt and two little beaded bracelets.

For Aiden:  We couldn't find anything for him at the swap meet, so we got him a pillow pet.  He loves it.  We got him the outfit he's wearing in the picture and the other stuff.

It was a super fun trip.  We missed the kids a ton, but the upside was it was just the two of us for the first time in six years.