Happy Halloween!

Halloween has been so fun this year.  Both the kids fully understand what's going on and are way into it.  First off we celebrated Halloween with Katelyn and Jordan at their place in Logan.  Katelyn threw a fabulous party including face painting, mummy making, candy hide and seek, bobbing for apples and balloon popping surprise.  I have taken a few of my favorite pictures from her blog.

Then on Halloween night the kids had their very first trick or treating experience.  Last year we called it good with the ward party.  This year they were big enough to walk door to door instead of being carried and actually say "Trick or Treat!"  They said, "Thank you," and "Happy Halloween" to every house we went to.  Such polite little ones, they make us proud.  Of course they had a blast.  We didn't feel the need to over do it as they are still quite young, so we just went to one other neighborhood and then our own neighborhood.  I remember being little and after my mom spent so long getting us all costumed up she wouldn't let us waste her efforts just when we got tired of walking.  She'd encourage us by saying, "Just a few more houses," but as I recall she said that a few times before we actually went home.  I'm not complaining though because when we got home we were very happy with all our candy and glad we went to all those houses.  So I present to you, our little pink butterfly, Hannah, and Gabe as Spiderman.

 I had to add more to Hannah's costume.  It was lacking at Katelyn's party, so I dolled her up, quite to her delight I must say.

His Spiderman impression...

She Love, Love, Loved the make-up.

If you can't tell what Jasen is it's probably because you don't watch Jersey Shore.

Some Trick-or-Treating action.

The loot.

So happy.