I had a great Mother's Day.  We spent it in Providence and went to church with Doug and Maren, Kip and Nicole, and Ryan, Betsy, and Cameron.  Sadly Ryan and Betsy journey to Tennessee tomorrow so that Ryan can begin his Physical Therapy schooling.  We will miss them greatly.  We will especially miss seeing these two adorables growing up so close together.  Cameron was born March 1st and Aiden was born on March 31st- exactly one month apart- they're just too cute!  I have to say posing babies for pictures is way too fun for me, and I'm super sad that they probably won't see each other again until they're 9 and 10 months old around Christmas.

And we got to skype with Aly all the way in the Philipines! It was really cool to not just hear her but to also see her.  Again, it was a great way to spend my 4th Mother's Day.


Krista got married!

Mr. and Mrs. Mildenhall

Aiden Eli

He's about 5 and 1/2 weeks old now.  He's a super chubby cute little Jasen-look-a-like.  He's a very mellow easy going baby who only cries when he's being changed or when he's demanding to be fed, which is pretty often at every 2-3 hours.  However, he's starting to go for 4 hours at a time between feedings most nights. He absolutely loves swimming in the bath and staring at Gabe and Hannah's faces and listening to them talk.