She kept trying to grab her white feet and wouldn't pay attention to the camera, so these are the best I got.

Tummy time on her new-to-her toy.

Giving daddy a study break.


My Lil Pink Thug and Melmo

You can see the real color of her eyes here really well - a dark grey blue for now. So dark though that they tend to look black from a distance. They are starting to be brownish right around the pupil as you can see if you enlarge the picture.

Here's Gabe entertaining himself by putting Elmo in and out of the jumperoo.

Straining to get Elmo out -haha- he looks so funny.

Smiling at Elmo. Or Melmo as Gabe says it. So cute.


Sad day for Gabe...

His poor nose got bumped pretty hard.

I gave him this bottle of lotion to get him to stop crying- he loves to open and close the lid. It's weird I know, but he thinks anything with a button to push or a lid to take on and off is the greatest kind of toy.

My sweet lil Hannah.

Jasen looking so tired after a very long day.

The birthday girl and Hannah.

Gabe and what we're getting him for Christmas...

Katelyn's yummy cakes.

Hannah was giggling so much in the bath but by the time I got her out, she was pretty much over it.


The new house!

Jasen and Tony out in front

Standing at front door looking in

Standing at front door way looking towards the hallway

Jasen coming up the stairs

Part of the vaulted ceiling. They're supposed to take that lighting fixture down and install a hanging one.

Standing in the dining area looking into the kitchen and the door to the laundry room and garage entry on the left

Standing in the kitchen looking towards the living room. Dining are to the left of the photo.

The front door and window

The view out the back door

The view out the front window

Standing in the main bathroom looking towards the living room

Gabe and Hannah's room

Another shot of G & B's room

Looking into our room from G & B's

The main bath

the master

Another master view

The master vanity

the master bath

our big tree that will be fensed in

Jasen and his maple trees

Our house

Gabe ready to go home

The Nannah