Hannah turns 4!

I kind of failed this year in the picture taking department.  I had my camera battery charging in the wall adapter, and I can only assume that Aiden hid it somewhere.  I find myself looking for things often these days, and then finding them in strange places.  So, the only documentation of this birthday is via my phone.  It was an awesome birthday though. Last night I decorated the house and when Hannah woke up this morning she said "Wow, it's so beautiful! This is the best birthday ever!" Mission accomplished.   We swam, ate a yummy dinner (Hannah chose her favorite: fettuccine Alfredo), opened presents, sang and ate cupcakes, and then Gabe and Hannah painted on Hannah's new easel.  She said prayers tonight and said, "Thank you for the best day ever and the best birthday ever and all my presents and all the yummy food and cupcakes."  That makes me really happy.  Here are some pictures and movies.




I love that cute little grin she gives Jasen at the end of the song.  She's adorable.