Thanksgiving was almost a week ago, but since we got home we've just been busy getting ready for Christmas.  So, I'm finally getting up some pictures from our wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  We went to St. George to celebrate the holiday at Uncle Scott and Aunt Suzanne's house.  I didn't get all the pictures I would've liked, but here are a few, mostly of the kids playing before and after we ate on Thanksgiving day.

 Here's Uncle Randy helping the little kids "go fishing."

 The kids were very excited with their prizes.

 A whistle blowing fest, I'm sure you can imagine it was a bit noisy.

 One of Hannah's goofy smiles...she laughed when I showed her this picture.
 Uncle Scott and Aunt Suzanne's backyard is so fun.  The kids loved the trampoline and swing set.

 A little arts and crafts time with Grandma Pat.

 Tea time with Rhett.   These two get along really well.

It was a really great weekend that included lots of good food and fun time spent with family, Black Friday shopping, swimming at the condo, and even a live Nativity show at Tuacahn with three camels, a sheep, and a goat.  We got home and ever since have been preparing for Christmas with Cyber Monday deal shopping, putting up our Christmas tree, and decorating the rest of the house.  I love this time of year!  This Friday is Jasen's birthday...hopefully I'll remember to bring my camera.


My happy kids...

There truly is nothing I love more than freshly bathed happy babies in new jammies.  They are the cutest.  It's a pretty easy job being a mom when I'm dealing with these two happy faces.

They're saying, "Woo-hoo, new jammies!"

In this one and the following picture it looks like Gabe is trying to perform a magic trick somehow involving Hannah.  I can't remember what I said to make them pose this way, but anyhow they make me laugh.


I love this.  From time to time Gabe will look at Hannah and say, "Hannah, I love you."  And Hannah will respond, "I love you too Gabe."  I'd give anything to insure that they never grow out of that.

They melt my heart.

Silly faces!