Christmas has come and gone.  It was wonderful this year.  We went to Providence the night of the 23rd and stayed with Jasen's mom and dad through the 26th.  A Stromberg family tradition is to go out for pizza  on Christmas Eve and then on to Aunt Jane's house to visit.  We went to Pier 49, and never having been there before, I now declare it my new favorite pizza place, 2nd only to the one and only Big Ed's in Oak Ridge, TN.  Also a Christmas Eve tradition is a Christmas program which of course includes the reading of the Nativity out of Luke.  Then we each open one gift- new jammies!  Here are the kids looking too cute:

The ever expanding belly full of Mr. Aiden:

Christmas morning, bright and early, Doug went to pick up Grandma Pat so she could see the kids play with their toys from Santa.  While the kids waited with daddy in the bedroom, I went out to take some pictures of what Santa brought before the pillaging began.

Mommy's and Daddy's:

Hannah Riley's:

For the girl who asked for a butterfly for Christmas, this is what Santa brought her:

Santa was good to us, and in addition to that, we all received even more awesome gifts which we unwrapped later that day but that I failed to get pictures of.  I did, however, get some pictures of the kids in their Sunday best for church Christmas day.

And here is the cute outfit Doug and Maren gave Gabe and the cute hoodie from Grandma Pat.

Hannah said, "No pictures of me!" as if I were paparazzi.  So in that manner I had to sneak a shot of her leaving the house when we went out for some day after Christmas shopping. (She carried her tube of "wips" that were in her stocking everywhere with her that day.)


Stromberg Family Christmas Party 2011

Back on the 19th we enjoyed going to the Stromberg family Christmas party.  We had a great time.  The kids had a hard time deciding which part was their favorite.  There was roller skating, bounce house type toys to jump on, and also arcade games.  We ate pizza, ice cream sandwiches, and cake.  It was really a kid's paradise.


Story time

Tonight Hannah and Gabe decided they wanted to tell the bedtime story.  They had me cracking up so I thought I'd share. 

 My camera died right after I told Gabe to sit still...quite the cliffhanger, I know.


A Christmas Party and more...

Katelyn and Jordan made the trip from Logan for our annual Christmas party.  We ate good food, exchanged presents, played games and just had a great time partying.  I had so much fun.  Jasen is not a game player (he is poopy that way) so any chance I get I'm more than thrilled to play games.   I'm pretty sure Katelyn and I won at Battle of the Sexes, so that's an extra bonus.  Before the kids went to bed that night they enjoyed putting their Cooties together and we've played many times since including tonight as a family.  As we played tonight Hannah was upset when Gabe chose the bow for his head piece, and I'm sure he chose it because he knew she would want it.  Those are  the sort of squabbles I'm breaking up on a daily or even hourly basis.  I guess that's what big brothers are there for, to torment their little sisters. 

Showing their new Cootie game.

In this picture you can see Hannah having her "bugs" kiss each other-she's so funny!

I was trying to get a really cute posed picture in front of the tree- obviously not an easy task.

This is what we did tonight for a family activity.

I'm so thankful for this absolutely gorgeous Nativity set that was given to us from Grandma Bernice.  Jasen's Grandpa Stromberg made it.  I love it so much.

He also made this beautiful set of carolers.

When you don't have a fireplace it's a little difficult  to hang your stockings by the fire with care, so you have to be creative and find some other place to carefully hang them.

Our 2011 Christmas tree.
Speaking of carolers...these two need a little practice before we go door to door.  Haha...they're adorable.



Thanksgiving was almost a week ago, but since we got home we've just been busy getting ready for Christmas.  So, I'm finally getting up some pictures from our wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  We went to St. George to celebrate the holiday at Uncle Scott and Aunt Suzanne's house.  I didn't get all the pictures I would've liked, but here are a few, mostly of the kids playing before and after we ate on Thanksgiving day.

 Here's Uncle Randy helping the little kids "go fishing."

 The kids were very excited with their prizes.

 A whistle blowing fest, I'm sure you can imagine it was a bit noisy.

 One of Hannah's goofy smiles...she laughed when I showed her this picture.
 Uncle Scott and Aunt Suzanne's backyard is so fun.  The kids loved the trampoline and swing set.

 A little arts and crafts time with Grandma Pat.

 Tea time with Rhett.   These two get along really well.

It was a really great weekend that included lots of good food and fun time spent with family, Black Friday shopping, swimming at the condo, and even a live Nativity show at Tuacahn with three camels, a sheep, and a goat.  We got home and ever since have been preparing for Christmas with Cyber Monday deal shopping, putting up our Christmas tree, and decorating the rest of the house.  I love this time of year!  This Friday is Jasen's birthday...hopefully I'll remember to bring my camera.