Aiden's 1st Birthday & Gabe's 5th Birthday

Hip-hip hooray!  Aly is back from the Philippines!

We combined Aiden and Gabe's birthdays this year mostly because we wanted Aly to be able to be at  both parties, so we made it one big party.  The youngest got to open gifts first.  Aiden received a bunch of awesome gifts.  He's a lucky little guy.


Gabe was super excited about present opening this year.  He dove right in ripping into one gift, quickly saying thank you, posing for a quick picture, and then tearing into the next one.  And just like his little brother, he too is very lucky to have such wonderful family members who love him and show their love with great gifts for his birthday.

Little Miss Hannah Riley's birthday isn't until June, but since Grandma Pat rarely travels as far south as Payson, she was able to open her birthday present early.
Grandma Pat always picks out such cute things for all my kids.  She gave Gabe his Puma outfit pictured above, and Aiden's little Hurley outift. 
Everyone also received cool presents from Aly all the way from the Phillipines.  Hannah got these cool dolls, Gabe got a little monster bag, figurines and a Spiderman watch.  Jasen got a little wooden ship, and I got a super cute purse and a pair of Palawan pearl earrings.

We sang to Gabe and Aiden.

Gabe blew out his own candles and then "helped" Aiden blow out his too.
He wasn't excited about digging in at first. He was actually a little sad.

Then he decided to at least taste his cake. 

Then he thought he needed to play with his cake. And he wouldn't eat another bite until...

I gave him a fork.  When he won't eat something, I give him a fork and let him do it by himself and it turns into something fun.

He ate like this for a while- one hand in his cake, one hand eating with a fork.
And then after he stopped eating I just cleaned off his hands and face a bit and he was good to go.  Unlike his brother and sister, this 1 year old simply wasn't interested in getting super messy and covering himself in cake and frosting. 
After I took that first picture of Aiden about to cry, I turned to Gabe and this is what his plate looked like.
Both boys had a great birthday.  It was a fun day.