Just because...

I took some pictures today because...

she has big pretty eyes,

and two cute little teeth,

and she makes me laugh when she concentrates,

and even though she's tired, she still let's me take a million and one pictures of her

because pictures like these capture this sweet age.

I took some pictures today because of this most handsome little man,

because I want to prove to him some day that he was once completely obsessed with writing letters (as I'm sure he'll one day outgrow),

and because right now he stands at less than 3 feet, but one day he will most likely tower over his mommy.

I took some pictures today because one day these two will wonder if they always butted heads, and I will say, yes, at times even over things like who gets to eat the last Apple Jack off the floor.

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Greg & Linds said...

So...who won the applejack? BTW...amazing pictures! Love all of them...how did you get the colors to pop like that?And Hannah's eyes are absolutely huge and Gabe has SO much hair. They're just too cute. Can't wait to see them again.