Gabe is 3!

My little baby boy is a big boy now.  He turned 3 on Friday and celebrated with a great birthday party.  It's so wonderful to have a fun family who loves him so much.  He was absolutely spoiled by all of the great toys he received.    

We enjoyed some yummy food- Gabe's favorites: hot dogs, chips, and jello!

Hannah helped him open every present.  What a nice sister!

Yay! Play dough from Aly, Kip and Nicole!

Sweet! A big box of candy from Grandpa Doug and Grandma Maren!

What's this? A hand-wrapped piece of special candy?

Hmm, he's never seen candy like this.  He puts it in his mouth to taste it and everyone shouts- no!

It's not candy- just a nice bit of money which can be sweeter than candy!

Another Dragon to go with Nacho.

A way cool snake from Katelyn and Jordan!

He's waiting for his last present  from Granddaddy and Grandma Kathy- it's a surprise!

My sweet boy.

Uncle Randy sends the kids National Geographic for Kids and they absolutely love it.

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Greg, Linds, and Avery said...

Way to Go Gabe!! Happy Birthday!I kinda love the shot of Jordan in the back when Gabe is holding his snake...the camera makes it look like a fun house mirror face.