The Living Planet Aquarium

Here I told Gabe that the fish that were as big as him were gonna eat him, so he put his face up to the glass and started going "Chomp chomp." I guess he thought I said he was supposed to eat them.

Hannah had a good time looking at everything too.

Gabe had fun touching the animals he was allowed to touch and looking at everything. And almost as much he enjoyed just playing with this magnifying glass...

and spinning this sign around and around. He finds joy in the little things. Oh to be 2 again.

I spy Nemo.

He wasn't sure what to think about this.

They had a local Utah aquatic life section. I thought this boat they had set up was a cool way to make it fun. You could use the steering wheel to select different destinations and then a video would play from the boat driver's perspective as if the kid was really driving. Gabe couldn't reach the steering wheel from the seat, but he really liked talking and pushing the button on the radio.

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Jordan and Katelyn said...

my face looks funny in that picture