1st Night of Halloween Festivities

Tonight was the ward Trunk or Treat party. The kids had a fabulous time- most especially Gabe as he at his age can fully appreciate the fun. At the end of the night as Gabe walked out to the car he said, "Trick or treat, ghosts, games, candy...I'm so happy!" That's pretty much the sweetest quote ever. Hannah was just pooped by the time we came home but they both had a great time.

Here's Hannah posing with our friends the Chavez family. They went as Sleeping Beauty(Amy), Prince Phillip(Tony), Beauty(Heidi), and baby Lily (not in the picture) was a teeny Snow White- so cute!

Tony- "Jasen's not just Luigi, he's super sized Luigi after he eats a mushroom."

Like father like son here with the goofy grin.

And then smiling.

Here's Gabe getting ready to bowl for ghosts.

And here he is so adorably flirting with and tickling Heidi.

They play so sweetly together- I love it!

And here's the oh so tired Hannah Riley.

Good Times.

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