So thankful...

We celebrated Thanksgiving this year with the Strombergs immediate and extended family. The food was so good and the company was even better. I'm definitely thankful to be a part of such a great family. Here are some pictures from the day of thanks.

This is some of the group gathered at Aunt Chris's house. This picture shows part of her way cool basement. It's a big open room with a kitchenette at one end and a little sitting area at the other with about 10 big tables all set up and decorated in between. My favorite feature of her basement (which I failed to get a picture of) is the kid's play room that's built into the wall so that the area under the stairs is filled with toys. There's a tiny door and window opening on the wall and the room has an adult size back door that leads into a whole other area of her basement.

If you look at the wall behind Betsy and Ryan, under the painting that's higher up on the left, there's the left corner of the door opening and next to it the right corner of the window opening.

The kids table.

Eating a chocolate turkey.

After the wonderful meal we had a blast at Fat Cats in Ogden.

Gabe's midair celebration of his awesome bowling skills- no pins left standing, that's how good he is. Who cares if he uses the bumpers and sits to bowl. He is two after all.

Hannah's surprised face. Check out those adorable baby bowling shoes!

Ball selection is a big part of bowling for kids. Gabe and Hannah both enjoyed trying out different colors each time.

The motion of Kip throwing her up in the air mixed with bowling alley lighting makes her look like she's on fire. Cool camera trick- totally did it on purpose.

Here's Hannah imitating her grandpa's perfect form.

After the kids watched the big kids ride on the bumper cars Hannah decided she was ready to try it out. Too bad there's a height requirement.

She had fun pretending anyway.

Gabe loved getting tickets probably more than picking out his prize. He got a little glow in the dark plastic lizard, and he named him Frankie.

Hannah was telling me about her prize- a little pink bracelet.

We had a really great time. Quality time with family is really what it's all about. I can't wait until Christmas!

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Joseph said...

These are priceless....
Two of my favorites (there are several) are Jasen and Gabe on the motorcycle looking at the screen, and Hannah with Douglas bowling. (Grand-Pa Joe)