They're cute even when they're angry, tired or whatever.

 I tried taking some cute pictures of the kids in their cute Sunday clothes a couple of weeks ago, but  little Miss Hannah Riley was just not having it.  She wanted lunch and a nap pronto, no stalling for picture time.  I took five minutes worth of pictures and then realized her mood wasn't going to get any better, at least not while still looking cute in church clothes.  So, this is what I got.  (She's saying "Cheese" very angrily in the first two.)

Gabe is such a good boy sometimes.  I asked him to hold Hannah's hand and see if he could make her laugh.

She started to cry and didn't like the idea.

One last picture without the coat.  "Hannah, can you smile for Mama?"  Hannah, "Nope."  That's right.  She said nope.

 Then Gabe just started posing and being silly when Hannah quit.

I love these last two.  So I guess not a total waste of five minutes.

Also I found these pictures I took on Christmas day right before we headed up to Logan.  The kids are sporting their cute outfits that Grandpa Doug and Grandma Maren got them for Christmas.

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Greg, Linds, and Avery said...

Bahahaha! I love love love Hannah's dress. And Gabe is super cute. Hannah is starting to look a lot like you I think...and Gabe looks more like Jasen to me. I love Gabe's thug pose in his Nike clothes. Awesome.