Princess Hannah Riley's 2nd Birthday

My sweet Hannah Riley turned two today.  She has grown so much this year.  She was just a baby last year, and now she's a little lady full of thoughts and emotions, likes and dislikes and now she can effectively communicate the difference between the two.   For example, she currently loves cheese above all other foods.  Her favorites are mozzarella and cheddar, or in her terminology, white and orange cheese.  She absolutely loathes pickles.  She can't even stand the smell of pickle juice.  She is truly my girl and loves all things pretty, pink, sparkly, baby-related or involving princesses or mermaids.  And no, I have in no way had to nurture or even encourage this girlishness.  In the words (but not the meaning) of Lady Gaga, she was born this way.  She has little to no interest in any of Gabe's "boy" toys.  She won't sit through Wall-E or Megamind.  She asks to watch Princess and the Frog, The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast at least once a day.  And so, in recognizing the joy that all the fun, pretty girly things bring her, it brings me great happiness to try to give her the girliest birthday I could manage.  Also, as a grown woman, it would be abnormal for me to throw myself a princess party, so as one of the many great perks of being a mom I get to live vicariously through my little two year old and throw her a party I would love as a little girl....or for my next birthday...just kidding...sort of.

The presents and cake.
Hanging with Nicole.
Enjoying time with Grandma M.

Waiting for the food.

Yum.  Fresh squeezed mint limeade.  Thank you to my many squeezers.

Monkey see.

Monkey do...

One strand at a time.

Um, is it on there mom?

Crazy kid.

"Nana, close your eyes..."

"Now open them."  And they both laugh as if something very funny just took place.

Present Time!

From the aunts and uncles, an awesome princess Barbie and...

An awesome princess giant bouncy ball.

A Dora doll, some coloring books and regular books from Mama.

And a baby Ariel doll from Mama.  The Disney princesses as babies.  It's a strange concept and highly illogical, but I get where the marketers were coming from.  It combines Hannah's two favorite loves, princesses and babies.

An adorable outfit from Grandma Smith which Hannah wanted to put on immediately.

A pillow pet from Daddy.

And some summer dresses and sandals from Mama and Daddy.

From Grandma M. and Grandpa Doug, a box of candy and...

          "Hannah, what's this?"              "I don't know. Paper?"                       "Yes, it is paper."

And a sweet 4-wheeler from Grandma Kathy and Granddaddy. 

 Hannah checking out her 4-wheeler video will be inserted here.

Cake Time!

A blowing out of the candles video will be inserted here.

I love my girl.

My girl loves princesses.

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Jordan and Katelyn said...

Sorry we missed it! Looks like she had a ton of fun though!!! Good job on the cake!