We had a very merry Christmas.  It started with the Stromberg Family Christmas party, and then about five days before Christmas we headed up to Cache Valley.  I'll let most of the pictures speak for themselves and only add captions to the ones that need a little explanation.

The Stromberg Christmas party

Hannah pulled the big red lever and hit the jackpot- 1000 tickets!

An interesting game where participants roll dice and whoever rolls a 2 or 6 puts on mittens and a hat and tries to unwrap a gift with a knife and fork.  If anyone else rolls a 2 or 6 they grab the mittens and hat and get a turn to unwrap the gift. Participants continue passing and rolling dice until the gift is completely unwrapped.

Christmas Eve jammies!

Opening gifts from Grandma Pat.  Everyone thought they looked so cute and loudly said Aw!!! and Aiden wasn't a fan of the loudness.

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Ryan said...

Looks like it was a great Christmas