Too cold to be Spring

He didn't like the feel of the cold, semi-crunchy grass.  He would only touch with one hand at a time, the minimum necessary for balancing.


I love his gappy two front teeth!


In case you're wondering what Hannah was about to say before my memory card ran out of space, she was saying, "We already got my Easter dress, and I love it, and I think I want another dress for my birthday to play in."


Krista Nicole said...

Aiden is too funny with the cat! Your kids are so cute! And I'm hating all the snow :(

Amy Turner said...

I loved seeing Aiden pull Gabe's hair in a brotherly love sort of way. I can't believe how big they have gotten. Thanks for posting please keep them coming!Amy

Lindsey said...

How did such a cat person, have a child who was terrified of cats?! Its hilarious...and I'm sure he'll get over it fast...maybe Jack looked like a Lion. Cute as always. Wish we could see them in person!