Picture time with Aly

I take pictures of the kids all the time; however, being that I'm the one taking the pictures, I'm never in the pictures.  Aly came by today to take pictures of the kids for an art project for school.  I'm pretty excited to see the end product because somehow she plans to turn my little white kids into little Philippino children.  That should be interesting.  While she was here, she was kind enough to take some pictures of me with the kids (Jasen, by the way, is not an option.  He's the farthest thing there is from a photographer.)  They didn't turn out so great, but of course, it wasn't Aly's fault.  It was Aiden's.  He just wasn't in the mood.

One of Aiden.  I love the colors, and I love his cheesy, scrunch-nose smile.
Their excitement for picture time.
Sadly, the top two best of the bunch. 
The bloopers.
(no, Aiden was not falling off a cliff as his expression would indicate.)
Then Aiden went from uncooperative to just sad.
But I got some pretty good ones of Gabe and Hannah!  They're old pros at posing for pictures.
Here's Aiden when picture time was over, yay!
Yes, Gabe is wearing a 
cow watch.


Jordan and Katelyn said...

Haha, I was just going to ask what was on his wrist! Such cute shots! But how can you get anything less with such cute kids! I miss you all!

Krista Nicole said...

Beth your hair is so long and beautiful! Love the pictures!

Lindsey said...

Love the pics! Gabe looks so old! And Hannah is gorgeous. Aiden looks like a crack up. You look great too! Love you!