Very First Soccer Game

They're just figuring out the game, but they're already loving it.

Aiden would say, "Yay! Go Nana!"

Hannah Riley concentrated and had so much fun, she even laughed when she fell down a couple of times.  She thought it was funny when a bunch of kids would get tangled up while going for the ball and all fall down.

Gabe ran around with a huge grin on his face almost the whole time.  He only got upset when the other team scored.  We need to talk about sportsmanship.  The good news is that he scored the only goal for his team.  The bad news is that the other team scored many more goals.

"Don't kick it in that goal, kick it in that one over there."  The switch up at half time was a little confusing.

Gabe said his favorite part of the game was the fruit snacks and Caprisuns afterwards.


Kathy said...

I check your site almost every other day.
These pictures are great. Dad

SS said...

Gabe has it right! The snacks afterwards are always my kids favorite part too!