A typical Saturday...

Today being Saturday, Jasen went to Payson at about 6 am and worked on the houses we're building until about 2 pm. In case you don't know, we're building not only us a house but also the houses of our 10 neighbor families. It's a great program where everybody builds each other's houses and then when all the houses are complete we all get to move in. Right now we're hoping we'll be finished by the end of October to mid-November at the latest. We're extremely excited.

Jasen's parents are super wonderful to come down often from Logan to help us build. Today my cousin Tyler joined in as well, and when they were through I served a yummy lunch. And then I got to work playing photographer. Here are my results:

First some cute pictures of Hannah Riley:

Second outfit:

And now for some unsuccessful attempts at trying to get Gabe to hold Hannah Riley:

The first attempt...

He's not quite sure about this.

Then he kind of liked the idea of holding her, but the picture didn't turn out and my camera batteries died.

Round 2:

This time he got excited when I put her in his lap and he even hugged her gently, but then she started squirming around and he didn't like it anymore as shown in the following picture where he throws in the towel and refuses to cooperate.

Poor Hannah. Gabe lifted up his arms for me to get him out of the chair and Hannah got tired of the whole thing and was ready for a nap. So, neither of them would pose for me. I'll just have to try again another day.

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