Happy Happy Birthday Gabe!

Gabe turned two today, and we celebrated with family. We went up the canyon to a campground and park and grilled hotdogs and hamburgers, made smores, and played some ball. Gabe loved getting all the great gifts, and I'm sure everything he got will continue to bring him joy as days go by. He sure brings us a whole lot of joy. I'm so happy to be his mommy.

I told him to practice his blowing in this picture...

He dug right in as soon as I said go. He basically shoved the whole thing in his mouth, and it was gone after maybe 2 bites.

So stinkin' cute!

Daddy had to show him how to use his drill.

Pretty Hannah and Katelyn...

Here's my sweet Hannah. You can see Gabe's new big boy bed in the background. He liked the idea of the new bed, but once we actually put him in it tonight he wasn't such a big fan. He started crying and got out right away using the light from his handy glow worm to guide him and started banging on his door, which he doesn't know how to open yet. I went in and calmed him down and laid down next to him. He seemed a little traumatized I think just because switching from a crib to a twin bed is a big deal for a two year old. He stopped crying and I left. Then he started crying again for about 15 minutes and then I heard a big thump followed by really hard crying. Yes, he had figured out that he can roll right out of this bed if he's not careful. So I quickly put him back in bed, handed him his glow worm and left again. This time he only cried quietly for about another 15 minutes and then he finally fell asleep. I think on nights when it's closer to his real bed time that he might not give up the fight so easily. Hopefully it won't take him too long to adjust, and hopefully he won't roll out of bed during the night. I guess we'll see.

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