Ryan and Betsy's big day

My brother-in-law got hitched this past Saturday to a wonderful girl. Below are just a few pictures from the day that I stole from Alyssa's camera. I unfortunately forgot to bring my camera to the temple for pictures after the ceremony, and then when I actually brought it to the reception it wouldn't work. Oh well, the kids were too tired to sit still long enough for a decent picture anyway.

First of all, the happy couple:

This was taken at the luncheon. A very tired Gabe...

This is Jasen not so enthusiastically posing for the camera. Funny story about Jasen...tonight he was telling me that he intends to get his giant mole looked at as it is starting to grow into a weird shape (not the funny part yet), and Gabe was sitting with us as Jasen was telling me about his plans. Gabe went to touch Jasen's mole as he has been interested in it since he was a baby, and I told him that Jasen's mole was a button. Gabe thought about that for a second and then pushed on the mole like it was a button and then called Jasen a robot. (I really only included this picture to show the mole and be able to tell this story.)

Gabe looks like he is trying to smile here but can't quite pull it off.

This is Hannah telling me she wanted to take a nap asap!

Some pictures from the reception on the dance floor/ kid's playroom:

Where's Gabe?

To say he loved the balloons is an understatement.

M&M grin:


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